What you can expect with Sound City Events

First, your photographer will greet you earlier in the day for some of those intimate family photos…  When you arrive at your church or ceremony location, your Photographer and Videographer will capture your walk down the aisle!! During your ceremony they will record your cherished moments and memories, so you may hold them with you forever!! After your ceremony, they may want to take a few more pictures at the church, photo location or the function hall prior to your reception.

After that it’s off to be greeted by all who have come together for your wedding day. Don’t be surprised to receive an enthusiastic congratulations as your DJ / Master of Ceremonies bids you a warm welcome… They are about to have the pleasure of announcing your grand entrance, one of the things they enjoy the most!! And for the next few hours, it will be their job to lead the festivities, play the music that is important to you and your guests, and keep the reception running smoothly. Music is in fact, one of the most important and memorable parts of a reception. ( With the exception of the couple! ) :::: Smile::::

Who coordinates the reception?

The main reasons wedding couples choose their photographer and videographer are style, creativity and personality… They will keep you at ease and will never be pushy!

Your Disc Jockey will have a selection of music that can span across a wide variety of ages and tastes. Your Disc Jockey will also act as Master of Ceremonies, to help maintain the proper flow during the reception, to coordinate during your day with your Photographer and Videographer, and to ensure you get the best moments for your wedding album and video.

We also coordinate with your venue and any other professionals you have for your day…This ensures that everyone involved with your function knows exactly what is happening at all times. It is always important to consult with us a few weeks before your wedding day, to discuss the desired order of events. Introductions, the toast, cutting of the wedding cake, and the bouquet and garter toss are just a few…

Proper planning…

Proper planning for your wedding day includes giving your Photographer, Videographer and your Disc Jockey a guideline of the events and types of music (Dance, Country, Oldies, top 40) that you would like to be played. Keep in mind that you would like all your guests to be satisfied, so be sure to tell your Disc Jockey the age ranges of your guests. Also let your Disc Jockey know of any specific songs, or artists you are fond of to be sure they have them on hand. (We’ll also take a list of the music you DON’T want to hear… This is just as important as those songs you DO want to hear!!) Sound City will coordinate every service you have with us, from your limousine times and locations, to your engagement sitting with your photographer – even the pictures you choose to put in your video…We’ll do all the leg work for you!!

Enjoy yourselves!!

Remember… Your wedding day is a time to celebrate…. All you have to do is get married, and enjoy yourselves!! We will take the time to ensure all of your details are attended to… Long before your special day.

“Your Magical Day”

All the planning is now behind you. You’ve made the walk down the aisle, you’ve proclaimed your love, exchanged glistening gold wedding bands… Congratulations, you are now a married couple!! Now it’s time to relax, kick back and unwind… You can forget all the stress and celebrate your day with family and friends!

We hope this brief summary has helped guide you in choosing your Wedding Professionals…If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime at (781) 246-4235 or our email: info@soundcityevents.com