Partition Walls are now a MUST for many types of businesses!

We are now required to follow social distancing protocols in order to reopen under the current regulations.


Sound City now offers quick and easy isolation and partition solutions for all types of businesses including: Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Gyms, Industrial or Factory Work Environments, Restrooms, Casinos, Restaurants, or anywhere you need to visibly separate public or employee spaces.
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We have been providing custom and elegant drapery for our clients for many different types of events. We now offer Isolation Partitions to help businesses maintain social distances in the current COVID-19 Crisis.

Our Partitions are freestanding, portable, set up and break-down quickly, to give your customers, staff and guests the protection they need. These freestanding units can be used individually or connected together to make wider walls or other configurations like cubes or L-shapes. Our Partition Dividers feature a simple pipe and drape frame that connects quickly, with no tools required.


Your choice of either our clear vinyl dividers which can be wiped down easily with cleaning materials or fabric drape which can be easily machine washed.

*Both the vinyl and drape kits are Flame Resistant and Pass NFPA 701 Flame Testing Standards


  Isolation Wall - Clear-Vinyl-Walls Nail ShopPartitions can either be purchased or rented depending on your specific needs!  We will customize any design for your space!


Reasonable pricing, quality materials and superior service without breaking your budget!

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Office Distancing Cubes:

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For more information on how we can help you to follow social distancing protocols that are being enforced in order to reopen your businesses click “Contact US” below!